Holiday 12 Steps - Hysterical Merry Christmas Card, Wholesale

Item #: C7737XSG
Cover Reads:
12 Steps to a Happy Holiday Step 1. Admitting the holidays can be stressful and we are powerless over them. Step 2. Believing a power greater than ourselves can restore our holiday cheer. Step 3. Deciding to turn our holidays over to the care of a higher power. Step 4. Making an attainable and fearless holiday wish list. Step 5. Admitting to ourselves and others when we are being a party pooper. Step 6. Letting go of all of our Bah Humbug feelings. Step 7. Asking a higher power to remove all obstacles to our holiday spirit. Step 8. Resolving to be nice rather than naughty. Step 9. Making amends when it won't ruin someone else’s holidays. Step 10. Staying off the naughty list and remaining jolly. Step 11. Seeking more of the holiday spirit through prayer and meditation. Step 12. Spreading the holiday spirit to all others in our life.
Inside Reads:
Merry Christmas
Greeting Card Style:
Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Paper Stock:
Recycled paper, printed in New Jersey, not China.
April 29, 2022