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A wholesale greeting cards publisher for nearly 40 years, NobleWorks Inc. is a one-stop source for funny greeting cards to commemorate all occasions. Becoming a NobleWorks Cards wholesale customer is as easy as filling out the sign-up form on the dedicated wholesale cards website

We've been supplying wholesale greeting cards to card and gift shops, online retailers and foreign distributors for decades. Filling out a short form with basic information, then waiting for NobleWorks to confirm that you are a qualified wholesale customer, will result in an email notifying you of approval of your application.

Shop here and enjoy with accesses to the entire current line, or choose to purchase wholesale cards with a more traditional, hands-on, face-to-face experience and let us connect you to your local human rep. NobleWorks card sales representative will have the most recently published samples of side-splitting funny cards. Just fill out the Wholesale Cards Contact Form and await a response from a NobleWorks Cards representative.

Irreverence is king, and good taste takes a backseat to the pursuit of the almighty laugh at NobleWorks Cards, no matter how sacred the special occasion. Instead of stocking all of its cards, NobleWorks Inc. prints all of its humor cards, both birthday and seasonal, on demand when you order them. The cards usually ship within less than two business days of your order. Boxed funny Christmas cards are available to wholesale customers, as well. And all NobleWorks greeting cards are recyclable and printed on recycled paper. The POD (on-demand) process also saves paper and pays homage to the environment. NobleWorks' funny greeting cards are available wholesale to distributors, gift shops, card stores, adult shops and any other retail brick-and-mortar or online establishment. also publishes more straightforward and traditional greeting cards for your customers who prefer a more subdued approach.

The easiest and quickest way to become a NobleWorks wholesale customer is to fill the sign up form on our dedicated wholesale cards website, And you can sign up to receive advance notice of the newest NobleWorks releases and any special promotions.