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Want to see your work for sale at NobleWorks Cards? As one of the leading humor card publishers, we strive to find funny, unique, risqué and carefully-crafted card suppliers to help stock our virtual shelves. Using this artist enquiry page, you can get in touch with NobleWorks to find out just how to get your cards for sale here. Just put in your name, e-mail address and some other personal information, and we’ll send you our artist guidelines, writer guidelines and cartoonist guidelines to let you know just what type of material we’re after. If you meet the guidelines, we can arrange to see your portfolio. Just remember that we stock our shelves with naked grandmas, cards that use the F-word and generally off-beat sentiments. We don’t offer cards featuring religious leaders smoking a bong for nothing, and if you find that especially hilarious, we might be the retail outlet for you and your work.

Here at NobleWorks, we fancy ourselves industry leaders in the world of off-the-wall greeting cards. We’re also a well-known greeting card publisher, wholesale seller and online retailer. We offer over 3,000 hilarious greeting cards to buyers around the world, and our artists, cartoonists and writers are some of the best around. If you have a passion for art, writing or humor, you may have a product we’re looking to sell. Prerequisites include having a passion for comedic relief, being exceptionally artistic and not being afraid to at least mildly offend. If you think you meet all of these qualifications, fill out this form or shoot us an e-mail at We look forward to seeing what you have to offer and building our team of card-making geniuses.

Become a card supplier to NobleWorks using this artist enquiry page. NobleWorks is a greeting card publisher with a speciality in funny greeting cards.

NobleWorks' annual schedule for card introductions is as follows. Submissions are due 3 months prior to the introduction dates noted below. Please limit your submissions to 20 verses or images per introduction.

  • Fall Holidays Introduction, Due Dec. 15: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's.
  • Everyday Introductions, Due Feb. 28 and Sept. 1: Birthday, Get Well, Wedding/Anniversary, New Baby, Thank You, Sorry, etc.
  • Spring Occasions Introduction, Due May 31: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Passover, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation.