NobleWorks By Design

Provide your customers with the best and funniest in more traditionally oriented greeting cards with the By Design line available at wholesale from NobleWorks Inc. While many of the different lines of NobleWorks cards deal in a special brand of lowbrow humor, the By Design series features artwork by the likes of Riccioli, Karen Bentley, Jennifer Lange, Caroline Attia Lariviere and other illustrators who present a somewhat softer, more traditional take on the greeting card than NobleWorks' other, more over-the-top product lines.

NobleWorks Cards are known for their raunchy and risqué humor. The By Design greeting cards have a gentler approach, with fuzzy, funny animal illustrations and colorful presentations. By Design is a specific line of cards made to look more traditional. They are "friendlier," less humorous cards that have been produced by popular demand. NobleWorks had customers requesting to order more traditional style cards along with the usual, more risqué cards, hence the By Design line.

The cheerful BabyKarot Get Well Card features a sniffly white cat decked out in a warm, red scarf and booties, surrounded by teal tissues and a bowl of soup, being fed a spoonful of medicine from a solicitous pair of birdies, while winter is framed in a background window. A vibrant Mother's Day card displays an illustration of bright orange, blue and yellow flowers, along with olive, lime-green and dark green vines and leaves, and red and green buds, all combine to make a giant, decorative heart for Mom.

NobleWorks prints the By Design cards, both birthday and seasonal, on demand when you order them. The cards usually ship within two business days. All NobleWorks greeting cards are printed on FSC-certified recycled paper. The POD (on-demand) process also saves paper and does its part to help the environment. NobleWorks' funny greeting cards are available wholesale to distributors, gift shops and card stores.