Wholesale Funny Birthday Cards

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When your retail customers wish to send irreverent and sidesplitting birthday wishes to anybody with a properly placed funny bone, the selection of funny Happy Birthday greeting cards available at wholesale prices from NobleWorks Inc. will appeal to them.

Choose from cards for friends or relatives, cards highlighting topical political humor, adult humor or off-color jokes. In fact, a good many of the cards in NobleWorks' collection are aimed at folks with an open-minded sense of humor, folks who are not too uptight and for whom the rules of proper decorum are to be ruffled every now and again.

Browse the vast collection of funny birthday cards online and laugh to your heart's content at the kind of dirty jokes and salacious humor that might elicit odd looks or punitive stares were you to chuckle at the same naughty humor inside a brick-and-mortar store. NobleWorks Inc. also offers free shipping and on-demand printing. Just give us a day or two to print your order with our just-in-time printing system. We also offer quantity discounts on bulk orders.

NobleWorks Inc. destroys many conventions of decorum and good taste, but we do so without destroying the environment: All NobleWorks funny birthday cards are printed on FSC-certified recycled paper.

Shopping for an individual birthday card? You won't find them here, but NobleWorksCards.com will have what you need.