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I'd like to welcome you to NobleWorks, where publishing funny cards is the main business, and jokes are practically a religion. Sometimes funny birthday poems even make it into our prayers.

I hate to admit it, and I realize our youthful appearance can be deceiving, but we have been publishing cards for 40 years now (since 1980!), and I am proud to share that neither our old age nor our magnanimous size hinder us from reinventing ourselves over the years. We recently converted a conventional offset printing & stock warehouse operation to 100% print on demand (POD). Our cards still have the same high quality printing and bright white, recycled paper stock. However our ship-complete rate is close to 99.9% these days and our shipping turnaround time is just about 24 hours! All this without any stock, waste or obsolete inventory. Freshly printed cards is all you get! We are happy to share and make available our POD solution to other publishers interested in the advantages this model offers. Just drop me a line at rkanfi [@] nobleworksinc.com should you like to learn more about it.

NobleWorks' main focus is wholesale publishing of funny greeting cards for the up market. Registering with us on this site will gain you access to view the entire collection of cards, wholesale prices and terms. You will also find a quick and convenient order form in case you already have a list of designs you like or if you are working from a print catalog (which you can order at no charge to your order). This site is also built to be representative friendly, as we give our representatives full credit for orders placed here, as well as unique access to their accounts' order history. And last but not least, by registering here you will have the opportunity to take advantage of our web-only specials and our soon to be launched loyalty program, earning rewards for every dollar you spend online. Please note the program and any promotional coupons apply only to online orders.

NobleWorks also has a licensing division, where we license humorous content we develop for use for a variety of products, from animations, interactive media, calendars, magnets, posters, greeting cards, books, etc., both domestically and abroad.

To keep things interesting and fun, we also run an online retail card store for folks who are unable to find our product locally.

As my mother loves to point out, we'll have plenty of time to rest after we die. So if you think we don't have enough on our plate and would like to suggest another distraction we can take on' you came to the right place. Have fun.

Ron Kanfi

President/ Chief Cardologist

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About NobleWorks

Who is NobleWorks?
NobleWorks - we are also known as "The Humor Company" - is a 40-year-old, crazy boutique card publisher and an industry leader striving to leave its hilarious mark on the world of humor through publishing of funny greeting cards. There are more than 4,000 unique greeting cards in the line, featuring funny pictures, funny poems, jokes, cartoons and humorous puns as birthday cards, humor Christmas cards, as well as funny cards for many other occasions and holidays. Though we mainly publish humor cards, our designs range from cute humor to naughty adult humor, while some of our greeting cards are downright naughty or even dirty, suitable for adults mostly.

Our sister site -- www.NobleWorksCards.com -- is NobleWorks' funny card store and is open to the public, while this site -- www.NobleworksInc.com -- can be shopped by wholesalers only.

Becoming a NobleWorks Wholesale Customer

Who can buy NobleWorks cards wholesale?
Let's just start by saying that you do not need to sleep with anyone in order to buy humor cards. NobleWorks has been supplying greeting cards wholesale to various brick-and-mortar card and gift stores, online gift retailers and foreign distributors for over 30+ years. We would love to add you to our devoted wholesale customer list. You are invited to apply for a wholesale account here. It's just a short form with basic information. Once we confirm you are a qualified wholesale customer -- and not a consumer trying to buy cards at wholesale discount prices! -- we will email you to let you know that your account has been approved. Simple.

What do I need in order to open a wholesale account?
In addition to the information requested above, new accounts must provide their Reseller Tax ID number and payment information.

What is the wholesale minimum order, and what are the ordering/reordering terms?
Terms may vary depending on the season. Our everyday minimum order is $125, with a minimum of six cards per style. Opening card orders must be prepaid by check or credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover). Thereafter, we offer Net 30-day terms, and the minimum reorder is also $125.

For Seasonal terms, please visit our Terms page.

Do you publish a printed humor card catalog, and can I get a copy?
Due to the vast size of our collection, and the fact that we are constantly adding fresh, new content, we no longer offer a printed catalog. All of our catalogs are available in PDF or flip book format here.

Do you use sales reps, and do I have to buy from them?
Yes, we do. We have sales folks all over the country, and we would love it if you could work with our representative in your area. But it is up to you.

Do you pay commissions on web orders?
Yes, we do. So worry not, your sales representative will be paid even if you place a card order here with us yourself.

How can I find a rep who carries your cards?
We suggest you call our office 1-800-346-6253 to inquire about a local representative.

Do you sell to retailers in Canada and other countries?
Canadian retail customers need to order through Jannex, our distributor. We cannot ship directly to Canada. For retail inquiries outside of the U.S. and Canada, please email us.

Do you exhibit at trade shows?
You can find us at most gift shows across the country by visiting our representatives' booths. We have also exhibited at the National Stationery Show (NSS) in New York City for many years. In fact, we have won quite a few prestigious LOUIE Awards (the industry's version of the Oscars) over the years, including out most recent award at the 2011 National Stationary Show, in the "Christmas/Seasonal-humorous, $3.50 and below" category.

Is your line carried in any market-center showrooms?
We are in showrooms in Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles (Remembrance) and New York.

Do you offer card displays?
We don't sell greeting card displays, but we'll help you pay for them! Please note that NobleWorks does not provide free displays and does not purchase displays on the customer's behalf. However, we will offer to offset the cost of your new display. Offset is calculated by dividing the card display costs (copy of sales receipt is required) by the retail value of the product. Offset is calculated based on space reserved for NobleWorks product. Please see our Terms page for a list of display manufacturers.

About Our Cards

Do you buy or license content, cartoons or copy?
Funny you asked. Yes we do! We even license personalities like Chris March and hit shows like Weeds. Just fill out the submission guidelines form, and we'll forward you all the details you need to know as to how to go about it. We read and look at every submission. So what do you have to lose?

Can I license from you for my products?
Well, hell, ya! You buy, we fly, let's talk � what did you have in mind? We currently license our funny cards for magnets (Ephemera Inc.), calendars, posters, signs, etc. We even have two books published featuring our funny cards available on Amazon: Saint Misbehavin' and Life is Like a Box of Dirty Diapers.

Do you stock all of the funny cards shown on this site?
If we actually stocked all of the hundreds of greeting cards we offer, we'd probably need a warehouse the size of a convention center, and they wouldn't have that funny "new card" smell. Instead, we print all of our humor cards -- birthday and seasonal (even the nasty ones!) -- on demand (POD ) when you order them, so they're always fresh (like our attitude) and perfect ... just the way you want them! We usually ship our greeting cards within a day or two at the most. No joke!

Do you sell boxed humor Christmas greeting cards?
Yes, boxed funny Christmas cards are available to our wholesale customers.

Are envelopes included with the cards?
Duh! All of our cards ship with envelopes. And if you are lucky, you might get a pretty colored envelope with your pretty cute little greeting cards.

Are your cards environmentally friendly?
Yes, NobleWorks has gone green! That doesn't mean we're Irish or nauseous -- just eco-friendly. Tree-huggers and everyone else who gives a damn about our planet will be pleased to know that all of our greeting cards are recyclable and printed on recycled paper. We're also saving tons of trees and waste, thanks to our print-on-demand process.

Does the watermark shown on the cards on this website actually appear on the printed cards?
No, don't worry, the "www.NobleWorksCards.com" watermark that you see on the bottom left on the front of each card image shown on this site does NOT appear on the funny printed cards you order. It's just there so folks will know where the original images came from.

What are the specs of these cards?
Size matters! And so does quality at NobleWorks. All of our cards are not only funny but also come in a funny, odd size measuring 4-3/4" x 6-5/8". They're printed on heavy, 14 pt. whiteboard, are UV-coated, and many even have color inside the card. And, they do not have the "NobleWorks Inc." or "NobleWorks Cards watermark" printed on their covers; see the previous question.

How do I search for unique subjects of cards?
Looking for a funny birthday card with a photograph of five nuns holding rifles? Or a funny get-well card with a unique or crazy cartoon, such as two aliens giving an anal probe? We've got it! And plenty of other humorous, crazy, mean, naughty, nasty, outrageous cards, too. To find whatever witty, rude or sick subjects you're looking for, you can start searching by categories or use some of the topics we've listed below. Alternatively, go to the Search box in the upper right corner -- of our site, not your room -- to find other more specific words, such as artists' names or the word "sex"¿½ or "penis."

Are you the publisher of your cards?
Yes, we create every stinkin' one of the cards that you see on this site, and we print on demand all of the cards we sell. We are SO genius!

Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?
NobleWorks is headquartered in Union City, New Jersey. (This ain't the Jersey Shore! But close...) Our hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday. If you have any really good questions, it's best to email us. If you phone and get our voice mail, enjoy listening (it's hysterical!). We promise to make every attempt to get back to you within 24 hours on business days. We may be funny, but we take our customer service seriously!