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New Spring Cards

New Spring Cards Released For 2020

Spring is a special time. So many special occasions mark the season of birds chirping, flowers blooming and weather warming up. Whether the special occasion you need to commemorate is Easter, Passover, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a graduation or a prom, there is an extensive new line of spring greeting cards that are available for your customers at NobleWorks Inc.

But if your customers choose to honor someone's special occasion with a NobleWorks Card, make sure you are familiar with the philosophy at NobleWorks. Tear-jerking sentiment that tugs at the heartstrings is not NobleWorks' stock in trade. The spring greeting cards you will find here are unabashed in their quest to attack the funny bone at all costs, even if that means sacrificing a heaping dose of good taste and proper decorum in the name of eliciting greater guffaws.

A look at cartoonist Scott Nickel's ode to Easter with a chick telling a rapidly melting chocolate bunny on the beach, "I told you not to spend spring break in Florida," only scratches the surface of just how irreverent--and sometimes downright rude (and proud of it!)--a NobleWorks spring greeting card can be. Cartoonist Tim Whyatt's "Hap-pee Mother's Day" card is ruder still. And the graduation card illustrated by D.T. Walsh pulls no punches in an unsentimental look at the day someone special receives the sheepskin: "A fond look back at college life... Beer, Books, Booze, Boobs, and Bongs!"

Some of NobleWorks cards feature randy themes and raunchy language. That kind of card might not be for everyone, but NobleWorks Inc. has been around for nearly 40 years, so we know there is a time-honored audience for this kind of rough and rude greeting card. On the kinder side, we can tell you that all NobleWorks Cards are printed on FSC-certified recycled paper, so even though some of these cards might be offensive to the parameters of good taste, they are nonetheless quite benign to the environment. See the entire line of newly released spring greeting cards and stock up for your customers today. If you are a retail shopper in need of just a single card, visit NobleWorksCards.com.

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