Twelve Step Turkey - Hilarious Thanksgiving Card, Wholesale

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The Joy Of Cooking Turkey In 12 Easy Steps 1. Take Turkey Out Of Fridge Uncork A Fine Bottle Of Merlot 2. Defrost Turkey Warm Up With A Nice Glass Of Wine 3. Neatly Tuff The Surkey Have Some More Wine While Waiting 4. Lie Tegs With Twine Pour Yourself Another Glass, To Taste 5. Tup Purvey In The Oven Have A Few More Sips, As Needed 6. Turk The Bastey Have A Little More Wine, You Never Know 7. Check Thermometer With Temperature Have Another Glass If Not Warm Enough 9. Turk The Basty With 1/2 Glass. Reserve The Rest Us The Reserved Wine As Needed 10. Take The Oven Out Of Turkey Have One More Glass, For Goodness Sake 8. Floor The Turkey Of The Pick Up Open Another Bottle 12. Turk The Curvy Well Done. Have A Drink, You Deserve It
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Sending You A Little Toast To Being A Little Toasted During The Holidays!
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March 15, 2013