Seven Chakras Of Mom - Humorous Mother's Day Card, Wholesale

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Cover Reads:
The Seven Chakras Of Mom - Crown: Spirituality Helps You Achieve Pure Bliss, A.K.A. That Feeling Of Eating A Dove Bar In The Bathtub, Alone. Heart: Love; Affection For Your Family. Fluctuates With The Time Of Day/Month. Sacral: Pleasure & Desire; Connecting To Your Partner Without Fearing Your Kids Will Barge In. Brow: Intuition; Allows You To "See" With Your Third Eye -- The One In The Back Of Your Head. Throat: Communication; Ability To Express Emotions And Gain Truth Without Threats, Nags, Or Bribes. Solar Plexus: Self-Esteem; Fluctuates From Supremely Confident To That Moment Your Child Points Out Your "Bat Wings." Root: Survival; The Ability To Get Through Motherhood Intact (Spoiler: Most Do!)
Inside Reads:
Happy Mother's Day To The Best Mom, Crown To Root!
Mother's Day
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
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Contains 10% post-consumer recycled fiber
September 30, 2017