Dog Social Media - Funny Christmas Box of 12 Cards, Wholesale

Item #: B1521
Cover Reads:
Baxter The Golden Retriever: Just Sniffing Under The Christmas Tree. My One Gift Is A Chew Toy. Again. Would It Kill Them To Get Me Something Different? Clyde The Tabby: I Found Out My Gift Is Another Catnip Toy. I Want An Ipad! Sammy The Dachshund: What Bugs Me Is When My Owners Pretend A Gift Is From Me. They Always Sign My Name With A Backwards ‘s.’ What Do They Think I Am, A Moron? Suzie The Mutt: @Sammy: Lol! Ann The Siamese: Every Year, I Give My People A Half-Dead Mouse. I Have Yet To Hear A Simple “thank You.” Vinnie The Gerbil: Know What I Want For Christmas? People To Stop Making The Richard Gere Jokes. That Would Be F*$King Great.
Inside Reads:
Hope You Get What You Want For Christmas.

Check out this social media greeting card for your friends with pets.

Greeting Card Style:
Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Paper Stock:
Printed in USA
March 15, 2012