Vegetarian Love Letter - Humorous Valentine's Day Card, Wholesale

Item #: C9245VDG
Cover Reads:
Vegetarian Love Letter (Key On Back of Card) Darling, Where have you [bean] all my life? My heart [beets] for you, dear. [Lime] crazy about your [turnip] nose and [radish] hair. You're the [apple] of my eye. [Honeydew] go out on a [date] with me! Darling, don't [squash] my hopes. We are a [peach] of a [pear]. I'm [berry] lonesome without you. Two can live on one [celery], so if we [cantaloupe], [lettuce] live together. [Peas] be mine. This is the [endive] my letter. [Olive] you!
Inside Reads:
I [yam] yours! Happy Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day
Greeting Card Style:
Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Paper Stock:
Printed on FSC certified paper
September 15, 2021