Dear Santa - Funny Blank Christmas Box of 12 Cards, Wholesale

Item #: B1087K
Cover Reads:
Dear Santa, You Must Be Surprised That I Am Writing You Today, The 26Th Of December. Well, I Would Like To Clear Up Certain Things That Have Occurred Since The Beginning Of The Month, When, Filled With Illusion, I Wrote You A Letter And Asked For A Bicycle An Electric Train Set, A Pair Of Roller Blades, And A Football Uniform. I Destroyed My Bring Studying This Year. I Had The Best Grades In School And No One In The Neighborhood Behaved Better Than Me. I Went On Errands For My Parents, I Helped The Elderly Cross The Street. There Was Virtually Nothing Within Reach That I Would Not Do For Humanity. What B**You Have For Leaving Me A F***G Yo-Yo, A Lame Whistle, And A Pair Of Ugly Socks. What The F*** Were You Thinking, You Fat P--K? As If You Hadn't F***Ed Me Enough, You Gave That Little S**T Across The Street So Many Toys He Can't Even Walk Into His House. Don't Let Me See You Trying To Fit Your Big, Fat A** Down My Chimney Next Year. I'll F*** You Up. I'll Throw Rocks At Those Stupid Reindeer And Scare Them Away So You'll Have To Walk Back To The North Pole, You Fat Slob. F*** You, Santa. Next Year You'll Find Out Just How Bad I Can Be, You Fat Cock***Ker. Sincerely, Johnny
Inside Reads:
Greeting Card Style:
Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Paper Stock:
Contains 10% post-consumer recycled fiber
January 01, 1904