Test For Morons - Hysterical Graduation Card, Wholesale

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Cover Reads:
A Test For Morons: 1. Is There A 4th Of July In England 2. How Many Birthdays Does The Average Man Have? 3. Some Months Have 31 Days. How Many Have 28? 4. Can A Man In California Marry His Widow's Sister? 5. There Are Three Apples And You Take Two Away. How Many Apples Are You Left With? 6. A Doctor Gives You Three Pills And Tells You To Take One Every Half An Hour. How Long Will The Pills Last? 7. A Farmer Has 17 Sheep. All But 9 Of Them Die. How Many Sheep Are Left? 8. How Many Animals Of Each Sex Did Moses Have On The Ark?
Inside Reads:
I'm Sure You Got Them All Right? Congratulations On Your Graduation!!
Greeting Card Style:
Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Paper Stock:
Printed on FSC certified paper in the USA.
September 15, 2010