Learned From Mom - Hilarious Mother's Day Card, Wholesale

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Cover Reads:
Everything I Know I Learned From My Mom: My Mother Taght Me Religion: You'd Better Pray That Will Come Out Of The Carpet, My Mother Taught Me Logic: Because I Said So, That's Why., My Mother Taught Me Foresight: Make Sure You Wear Clean Underwear In Case You're In An Accident, My Mother Taught Me Irony: Keep Crying And I'll Give You Something To Cry About, My Mother Taught Me About Stamina: You Sit There Until All That Spinach Is Gone, My Mother Taught Me About Receiving: You Are Going To Get It When You Get Home, My Mother Taught Me About Medical Science: If You Don't Stop Crossing Your Eyes, They Are Going To Freeze That Way. My Mother Taught Me About Justice...
Inside Reads:
"One Day You'll Have Kids And I Hope They Turn Out Just Like You." Happy Mother's Day!
Mother's Day
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
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Printed on FSC certified paper in the USA.
September 15, 2008