Manboobery - Hysterical Birthday Card, Wholesale

Item #: 0409
Cover Reads:
Manboobery: Bitch Tits - Unsightly Man Boobs. Frightened Freckles - When They Are Looking At Each Other (As In: Wtf Happened To Us?). Man Tits - Located Exactly In The Same Place As They Would Be On A Woman. Surprise! Moobies - As In Mo Boobies. Abnormally Large Male Breasts. Chesticles - When The Breasts Happen To Prefer Ascending To Descending. Manssiere - A Brassiere-Like Device - For Males - With An Extra Easy Clasp. Mitties - Plain And Simple - Man Titties. Slapflaps - When The Flab Starts To Slap. Maleavage - Man Cleavage Commonly Found Adorned With A Heavy, Shiny, Gold Chain Of Sorts. Manmarries - Man Boobs That Are Big Enough To Nurse A Newborn. Mantitscrepency - When A Man's Boobs Are Not That Of Equal Size And/Or Displaced In Location From The Other. Boobtogut - When A Total Loser Thinks He's Hot And Takes Pictures Of Himself And Has A Defining Line Of His Moobs To His Gut.
Inside Reads:
Hope Your Birthday Is Just The Breast!
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
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Printed on FSC certified paper in the USA.
December 15, 2009