Viruses - Humorous Birthday Card, Wholesale

Item #: 0404
Cover Reads:
Phone Company Virus: Every Three Minutes It Tells You What Great Service You Are Getting. Cable Virus: Every Three Minutes It Reminds You That You're Paying Too Much For The Phone Company Virus. Politically Correct Virus: Never Calls Itself A "Virus" But Instead Refers To Itself As An "Electronic Micro-Organism." Schwarzenegger Virus: Terminates And Will Be Back. Government Economist Virus: Nothing Works, But All Your Diagnostic Software Says Everything Is Fine. Obama Virus: Emails Portions Of Your Data To Less Fortunate Machines. Federal Bureaucrat Virus: Divides Your Hard Disk Into Hundreds Of Little Units, Each Of Which Does Practically Nothing, But All Of Which Claim To Be The Most Important Part Of Your Computer. Gallup Virus: Sixty Percent Of The Pcs Infected Will Lose 38 Percent Of Their Data 14 Percent Of The Time (Plus Or Minus A 3.5 Percent Margin O Error.) Valley Girl Virus: Prints "Oh No You Don't" Whenever You Choose "Abort" From The "Abort" "Retry" "Fail" Message. Adam And Eve Virus: Known To Take A Bite Out Of Your Apple. Aig Virus: Just When It Is Ready To Fail, It Takes All Your Money And Pays Itself Bonuses Bigger Than Your Annual Salary. Microsoft Virus: Forces You To Purchase A Whole New Operating System.
Inside Reads:
Birthday Virus. Keeps Resetting Your Clock By One More Year. Happy Birthday.
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
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FSC certified sustainable source pulp and contains 10% post consumer waste. Manufactured in the U.S.A.
December 15, 2009