Bitchionary - Hilarious Birthday Card, Wholesale

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Cover Reads:
Bitchionary: Bitchslap - To Slap Someone Who Is Being Rude And Nasty - Or In Other Words - Being A Bitch. Bitchabetes - The Bad Mood Brought On By A Lack Of Food. Bitchafiction - The Process Of Morphing Into A True Major Bitch. Bitchahellacockin' - Something That Just Plain Freakin' Rocks. Bitch-Handles - The Fat Around The Midriff Of An Obnoxious Or Intolerable Girl. Essentially, Love Handles On A Girl No One Could Possibly Love. Bitchapalooza - The Bitches' Right To Assemble Bitchassedness - A Gifted Individual Who At The Same Time Is Inordinately Bitchified ,Bitchy, And An Asshole. Bitchataki - An Asian Bitch. Derived From The Combination Of Bitch And Teriyaki (As In Sauce). Bitchacrite - A Girl Who Says One Thing And Does The Total Opposite. Bitch-Squared - A Bitch To The Second Power. Bitch-Head - A Zit On The Face Easily Visible To Others. Bitchtastic - A Person Who Is Hot, With A Fabulous Bitchiness In Them.
Inside Reads:
Happy Birthday From One Bitch To Another.
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
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Mixed sources pulp from well managed forests, controlled sources and post-consumer recycled fiber. USA Made..
December 15, 2009