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Wholesale New Christmas Season Cards

Wholesale New Christmas Season Cards

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"When you purchase the latest new Christmas greeting cards for wholesale at NobleWorks Inc., you'll be getting greetings that are both on the cutting edge and also extremely edgy. The tone of NobleWorks Christmas cards might not be what some customers are used to if they were raised on traditional seasonal greeting cards. Bawdy humor, with occasional forays into blue language and X-rated punch lines, is a ""hallmark"" of NobleWorks Cards, which go out of their way to flout tradition with humor that doesn't merely push the envelope, but actually gives the envelope a powerful shove.

There's a ""Billy's Mom"" Christmas card from the Talk Bubbles product line that explains exactly how Billy ended up with that shiny new bicycle under the tree, and trust us when we tell you the Norman Rockwell looks of the card's cover belie the naughty lengths the humor goes to in order to bring the biggest laughs possible. In addition to the Talk Bubbles line, Red Rocket, PetiGreet and UDecide cards from NobleWorks also take a sometimes off-color detour in their Christmas greetings. The By Design line of Christmas cards at NobleWorks is aimed at customers who prefer a cleaner and more traditional form of season's greetings.

Some of the artists whose cartoons and illustrations contribute to the madness of NobleWorks Christmas cards include Gary Kelley, Donna Zahn, Daniel Collins, Dan Piraro, D.T. Walsh, Tim Whyatt and Angela Anderson. Some have animal themes, others are politically topical. But all - with the exception of the straightforward and toned down By Design series - are Christmas cards that take the mission of it being the ""season to be jolly"" to absolute extremes with bold and irreverent humor unlike any you've ever seen before on a holiday card.

Wholesale new Christmas cards are printed on FSC-certified recycled paper and are discounted when ordered in bulk. Free shipping is available."

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