I'm still laughing! Thanks NobleWorks You Rock!Debbie, MI
Your office must be a totally fun (and funny) place to work.David, SD
I went to a Catholic girl’s school, and these saints bring back a lot of memories. Love thee gold leaf on the book mand the cards.Marybeth C, MA
Some of these cards are pure filth! Get a life.Josef
Just a note to let you know I just ordered a shipment of cards for the holidays and I LOVE them. You have the best assortment of cards out there. Thanks for providing some good natured humor during the holidays.T. Cohen, Baltimore
These cards are the only thing that keeps me from going postal over the holidays! You provide a great service!Rick, Florida
These are the funniest cards I have ever seen. You guys are going to hell!Jane, NY
I just went through some of your birthday cards and laughed SO hard that now I have the hiccups. They are SO funny! Time to take out the credit card again!Todd, Miami FL
Really cool cards. Saint Dude is my favorite. Highly recommended.JakeTheSnake, CA
my belly hurts....Suellen, Dallas
How come I can’t get these at Target, or CVS?Steven, FL
I wish i had found you years ago...P. Diaz, NJ
I have not stopped laughing for over an hour now... HELP!Sonia, CA
I have become famous between my friends for sending the funniest cards! Bring it on NobleWorks!Linda, Boston
shame, shame, shame.
Love the cards. Only improvement I can think of is to have more.Agatha N.
Very easy & wonderful designs.Crystal Z.
I just want to thank you for your service and making people all over the world laugh a little more each and every day.Paul M.
I like that you have valentines for gay people too!!Garrett J.
I was looking for cheap birthday cards to send to the parishioners of our church and this does not meet the criteria. And though I shouldn’t be reading some of your material, I will “confess” that they are a pretty funny.
Great site. Very easy to navigate and completely user friendly. Content is irreverent but hysterical…Love it!Twylla L.
Your site makes me laugh for every holiday!Mr. Bert
Gr8 content thumbs up!!! Keep up the good work!!!Ms. Rishi
Your cards are just great and conveniently displayedMarta V.
I love Noble Works and turn to this site for all my cards now!Katie P.
Liberal pukes you are…Regretfully funny liberal pukes.Eff U.
It has everything---what can be bad???Marjorie K.
You have the absolute best cards, my friends think I am hysterical and cannot wait for next years Christmas card.Mr. Randee
This is the first time ever visiting this site and I must say.......I was very pleased....the cards were great as well as the content delivered...loved it...keep up the good work............a future buyerMs. Mary
I love the humor. Although I am a little weird. Ok, maybe a lot more then a little.Mr. Bob
I love your cards! I can't stand syrupy or corny cards. I don't have to worry about either on your site!Bri B.
Disgustingly funny. I use your cards all the time to embarrass and annoy my friends and family. Keep up the good work.Samuel Z.
I love the asses card! Bought 2 last weekend at the mall and just had to order more! I think it's suitable for any celebratory occasion! Must have more on stock!Ms. Allisa
Loved the naughty cards. Now I know where to come…and where to get cards too!Larry F.

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